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For successful work in the FOREX market, it is necessary to be trained and experienced and of course to learn internet-trading art. FOREX does not suffer the amateurish approach and usually, the hasty desire to earn on currencies’ volatility, turns to unjustified risks.

We offer you not only the services of classical dealing, but also qualitative FOREX training on the basis of any other company entering into FOREX Family association. We have developed simple and effective educational trading - program in the FOREX market, which allows to learn maximum helpful and useful information from leading experts of our company in short period of time.

Our training is not only for the beginners, we have developed some author's master classes/ some author's technique/ for professional traders, allowing making FOREX training useful and fascinating even for experienced players of FOREX market. Some our offices have also developed training programs with the participation of leading economic universities and other finance companies.

To receive more information about FOREX training you may address to any of our offices.