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Islamic accounts

Islamic accounts - are the accounts on which there are no payment for bargain carrying over in a day (SWAP=0).

There are two approaches to the speculative auctions: aggressive and conservative or positional. "Positionalists" keep position from several days to several months. With such approach to the auctions, the payment for bargain carrying over can be essential sum. This type of service also will be useful to those who actively uses lock tactic (opening of opposite bargains on one instrument).

Advantages and expediency of Islamic accounts for positional trade are easy for understanding if to recollect that the rate “overnight” in our company approximately corresponds to one point for a standard lot. So, for position deduction within one month, the client will pay about three hundred dollars on one lot. If position volume is higher, as a result, transfers will proportionally increase. Thus, if you plan to trade on the large time frames, we recommend taking advantage of Islamic accounts; if you trade intraday, you will accept standard service.

Any client of our company can pass to SAFE service and be served under the program of Islamic accounts. Of course, this service is not free. There is the double commission (about thirty dollars) for such accounts for the procedure of a deal opening; but as an addition to a zero SWAP, the raised interest rate on available assets (max 6,5 % annual) is established.

All these, do this type of service rather attractive to strategic investors. The benefit is felt on the third day of position deduction.

 This privilege is available for all clients of the company without restrictions.