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Accrual of bank interest

Deposit size    ($) Interest Rate (%)

Standart Safe
>2500 1 no  
>10.000  3 4
>25.000 4 6
>100.000   8 10

As a rule, money resources on the trader account are as maintenance of trading operations. The trading account quite often name – guarantee- mortgaging. It means that if the trading operation has negative result, money are written off from the account; if the trading operation has positive result, money will add to a capital amount. Thus, the deposit-itself is not the means of accumulation, but it is the insurance; another words, it is a guarantee that dealing centre will not appear at a loss, and will allow to make margin bargains to the clients.

However, it a usual situation when the significant means on a client's account simply lies "the dead consignment" and not involved in trading operations. For example, it is typical for traders using conservative tactics when only insignificant part of the deposit is removed to the market.

As a result, the increasing quantity forex-dealers began to offer to the clients the service of percent calculation on available assets (Free Margin), this is the means, which are not involved in trading operations. Free Margin can vary every day, therefore the percent is calculated on the end of a day and summed up on the separate account. From this account, all the percents will transfer to the client deposit and will be calculate to the account at first days of next month.

It is necessary understand that dealing centre is not the bank organization; percent calculation is not its core business, therefore interest rates slightly less then in the bank, except for some special cases (for example, in the trade with the increased commissions). Besides, for accepting percents, broker usually requires at least making one trading operation within account and treats percent, as some indemnification of commissions.

In our company the size of the interest rate hesitates from 1 to 6,5 % on available assets from the deposit 2'500 USD. The concrete size of the rate depends on a service type (Standard or Safe) and the size of the initial deposit. Percents are charged under the difficult scheme, with daily capitalisation.

This privilege is available to all clients of the company without restrictions.