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The quality of order execution

Undoubtedly, execution quality of trading orders is the major element of comfortable trading.

We have already written about how important is a quality service in execution of trading orders. The following is meant under the quality execution:

  • The Minimum quantity or the requots
  • High speed of trading operations execution
  • Stable work during increased volatility
  • Simply installation of protective orders such as stop-loss / take-profit
  • The Identical degree of quality for all quoted instruments
  • Small size of a trading range concerning a reference source of quotations, checking the quotations

Thus, quality service assumes that the trader not only trades CFD contracts, leaning on indicative broker quotations, but also can always check them on a reference source of the foreign supplier, for example TENFOR or E-Signal. And the execution quality of orders should not depend on position or instrument volume. Considered that a comprehensible waiting time of order execution is an interval of 5-20 seconds. The quantity requoted orders should not exceed 10 % even during appearance of key macroeconomic indicators. Admissible installation level of protective orders such as stop-loss / take-profit (so-called level frosts) not more than 10 points. The observance of all these conditions, allows making the Internet trading really comfortable and effective.

 It is necessary understand that CFD -trade in general and Forex –trade contracts in particular, is the trade without direct supply of a base asset; it is a work which is carried out by NETTING principe. As a result, not all clients deals, end with direct money converting on the dealing center part. So, dealing center cannot give 100 % guarantee of a requote absence or strict coincidence of broker quotations with any other foreign supplier. But, reliable forex- broker can and should regulate trading process.

This privilege is available to all clients of our company without restrictions.