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The best stock market instruments

Today, in Internet it’s possible to buy or to sell practically everything that trades at the stock exchange. However not all instruments are identical. The reason is that from the dealer’s point of view any financial instrument has one very important characteristic – liquidity (except the price).

Liquidity can be characterized, as an ability to execute the customer order fast at the close to the market price. For example, in the falling stock market/share market, especially if it is small company shares/papers, there is no sufficient liquidity. In this case it will be difficult to realise papers for adequate price because nobody purchases them, all wish to sell only. Those traders who traded in the classical exchange market, of course observed a similar picture many times.

Fortunately, CFD contracts trade is almost completely relieved of this defect. During realisation of the dealer’s work (when the trader exposes orders not in the market, and concludes transactions with dealing centre), the dealer company takes obligations of executing the transaction in any market according to the quoting regulations. Certainly, if there is a strong volatility in the market, the requote occurrence will be possible; and it’s even possible to suspend trading on some financial instrument, but with the correct dealer’s work organization this happens very seldom.

However, the accurate and reliable mechanism realization of deals overlapping, which will guarantee qualitative service - is only possible on instruments with high liquidity. Another words, this is the instruments on which the deals quantity is the highest. First of all, there are the most popular currency pairs, papers of the most stable companies and the futures for the most saleable goods.

Our company has refused of the idea to offer trading on exotic, not-liquid instruments. We have chosen only those assets on which we can offer the best quality service. These are classical currency contracts with the maximum volume of the auctions, CFD contracts on the papers of the largest American companies and CFD contracts on gold and silver on SPOT conditions. On these financial instruments we can ensure the stable quotations and we also capable to execute our clients orders fast practically in any market situation.

Deposit Size* Min Lot/Step Instruments SWAP ** St/Safe %Rate *** St/Safe ForexFamily Bonuses Max Leverage
ALL 0,1/0,1 Only FX -1/-1 pips No/No NO No 1:100
>2’500$ 0,5/0,1 Only FX -1/-1 pips 1/No YES Sometimes 1:100-1:200
>10’000$ 0,5/0,1 FX, Shares -1/+0 pips 3/4 YES YES 1:100-1:200
>25’000 1,0/0,1 ALL -1/+0 pips 4/6 YES YES 1:100
>100’000 1,0/1,0 ALL -1/+0 pips 5/10 YES YES 1:50

This privilege is available to all clients of our company without restrictions.

There is a possibility to expend the list of financial instruments for vip clients.