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multicurrency accounts

Traditionally in Forex market all the operations are conducted in US dollars,; guarantee-mortgaging deposits are also nominated in dollars; commission deductions are also conducted in dollars; bank percents and point price are also conducted in dollars etc. The connection is that all international operations are mainly conducted in US dollars on an inter-bank market; and TOD, TOM and SPOT contracts are standardized in US dollars also.

However, in 2000 the unipolar dollar transaction system has received a serious counterbalance –European uniform currency. The main amount of transactions between the countries and banks began transfer in euro. It has become very convenient and safe in so unstable conditions.

At this moment/ today, dealing centers are also offer to many clients to make a choice: to lead the deposit in US dollars or in euro. Our company also keeps up to date and offers this service to the clients. Thus margins, commission deductions, bank charges, bonuses are automatically recalculated by Rate Streamer program in chosen deposit currency. As a result, the client should write some special application for transfer his/her account in corresponding group or should just indicate the preferable currency of the account during the registration procedure.

This privilege is given to the office-partner at the certain stage of cooperation. Valid conditions are fixed in the corresponding letter-instruction for the franchisee.

Minimum deposit size for activation of this service is 10'000 USD.