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The Internet trading industry in the FOREX market is high developed nowadays, neither in Russia nor abroad. There are many brands in the market today, and as a result there is a competition for clients; and this competition is a great stimulus to the branch.

Dealing center decides how to do trading the most attractive branch in the concrete company. Within this site, we have already written about the decisions on FOREX FAMILY program. So, now we will shortly describe the basic advantages of this program:

  • There is a possibility to trade with basic instruments and with the spread from 1 pips without loss of quoting quality
  • Islamic accounts for position traders
  • Interest rate calculations on free available assets according to progressive scheme
  • Deposits in various currencies
  • Trading only with the best instruments from the uniform trading account

But it isn’t all advantages! Many forex - brokers offer various stimulating bonuses for active traders. Company Larson&Holz IT Ltd also follows this rule and offers the DEPOJet Bonus program. The main essence of this program is that for clients who operates the account more then 10000$, there is 10% bonus from the deposit. Certainly, it is necessary to make certain quantity of trading operations on the account to obtain this bonus; this is because of our company earns on commissions, and passive account does not bring profit to the company.

Bonus terms may be various for different regions but usually they are following. If the deposit is more then 10'000 USD there is a 10 % bonus; and if the quantity of the closed standard lots is more or 0, 03*then bonus is calculated. For example, the deposit size is = 15'000 USD then a bonus will be 1’500 USD and you will reach it after 45 transactions (0, 03*1500) on your deposit. Thus, the company allows to make the first some operations without collection of any payments (the bonus compensates expenses for a spread, commissions etc.) to certain categories of clients. Undoubtedly, this marketing course does cooperation with our company more interesting and attractive.

Депозит USD % Норматив по лотам
5’000 – 10’000  < 1’000 30 – 60 (6%) 
10’000 – 50’000  < 5’000 70 - 350 (7%)
50’000 – 100’000 < 10’000 400 – 800 (8%)
100’000 – 200’000 < 20’000 900 – 1’800 (9%)
> 200’000   > 20’000 > 2’000 (10%)